Digiland Services HP’s Asian Online Store

In a non-exclusive agreement with Hewlett-Packard Co, Digiland Singapore Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of mainboard-listed GES International Ltd, will provide order-processing and delivery fulfilment services for the HP online store in Singapore.

Recent media reports’ overestimating the potential earnings from Digiland’s
role in the HP Asian online store forced the company to
issue another press release to clarify that the deal only applies to

The HP online store, formerly called the HP commerce centre, allows end
users to purchase HP products online which are fulfilled through selected
channels in Singapore of which Digiland is one.

Orders are electronically
transferred from the HP online store to its channels’ Web sites for order
confirmation and payment.

Digiland has integrated the HP online store front to its own Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) and Internet payment systems.

The expected turn around time for customers’ orders is 24 hours effectively
due to the electronic link from HP’s online store front to Digiland’s
in-house systems.

“Every time someone in Singapore buys something from the Singapore HP online
store, we stand to take a small cut,” said Lim Tow Cheng, managing director
of Digiland Singapore.

HP has only one online store in Asia, and that is the Singapore store. The
company intends to open up another one in Australia this year.

The Digiland Group of Companies acts as wholesaler for HP in many Asian
countries but for the online store it is only applicable in Singapore, said
Chin Hon Cheng, director of e-business for HP in Asia Pacific.

The Digiland Group of Companies is the sales, marketing, and distribution
arm of GES International Ltd, a homegrown regionally-based manufacturer
of computers and computer-related products.

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