Digital Origin Ships EditDV 2.0 For Windows

Digital Origin is shipping EditDV 2.0 for Windows, its latest version of
EditDV providing digital video (DV) editing capability for Windows 95/98 NT

EditDV 2.0 for Windows supports third-party plug-ins, providing access
to a host of third-party special effects. It includes native multi-processor
support, enabling speed advantage on multi-processor machines, as well as
productivity-enhancing features for DV editors such as batch capture,
improved editing from the timeline, and built-in export to Web video formats.

“EditDV 2.0 is a tool every Windows DV editor should have,” said Tom Fristoe,
Digital Origin’s vice president of marketing and business development.

taken EditDV– the best DV editor available on the Macintosh platform — and
optimized it for Windows users, providing them with the tools they need to be
creative, productive, and more successful.”

EditDV’s open architecture enables direct support for QuickTime and QuickTime
Effects and lets users access QT Export for direct export to popular Web
streaming formats.

With native multi-processor support, EditDV 2.0 for
Windows gives users nearly twice the rendering speed on dual-processor
machines, the company says. Dissolves taking 7.8 seconds on a 500 mhz
single-processor machine can now be accomplished in 4.3 seconds with EditDV
2.0 running on a dual-processor system.

Improvements in processor performance
will yield corresponding improvements in EditDV rendering speed.

EditDV 2.0 for Windows also includes batch capture, allowing the user to log
clips while viewing footage. It captures entire projects in a single pass and
saves disk space by enabling the user to easily archive and move projects to
different computers as needed.

Improved editing from the timeline and more
tools for directly manipulating clips from the timeline are also featured in
EditDV 2.0. as well as clip linking and multiple selection for dragging, and
roll and ripple editing from the sequencer.

EditDV 2.0 for Windows includes the EditDV 2.0 software application; Digital
Origin PhotoDV for still image capture and manipulation; Sonic Foundry Sound
Forge XP 4.5 for audio recording, resampling and manipulation; Pixelan
Spicerack ProLite plug-in effects; and a Digital Origin 1394 FireWire
(i.Link) interface card and cable.

The suggested retail price of EditDV 2.0
for Windows is $799; a software-only version is available for $599.
Registered users of EditDV 1.0 for Windows can upgrade to 2.0 for $99.

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