DIGITEL Philippines Rolls Out Internet Services

Telecommunications Philippines Inc.
(DIGITEL) has launched
a new division, DigitelOne Data Communication Services, with two main
service areas, Data Express and Internet Service, available from May 1.

Under the Data Express
branch are Frame Relay Service and the Data Leased Line Service. The
Internet Service is offered as a premium service to
DIGITEL subscribers.

According to DIGITEL, this host of services will make possible voice, data,
and video to a wider market across Luzon.

“DigitelOne is a division of DIGITEL that caters to the demanding
requirements of the next generation that includes a convergence of
voice, data, internet, video in one network,” said Venancio Chan,
assistant vice president of DIGITEL. “We believe in the concept of One World,
One Network.”

In regard to the frame relay service, Chan stated, “We have 17 frame relay
switches, 80 nodes in the entire area of Luzon at this point. Most
of the telecommunication and data carriers focus on the metropolis
and nearby progressive towns and provinces. We established points in
unheard towns such as Cabaraguis and Solsona.”

The company serves more than 200 towns and municipalities in Luzon.
“Today, the data communications service got 50 accounts — mostly banks.
We are less expensive than leased lines by 20-40 percent depending on
distance, bandwidth, and configuration,” Chan added.

For the Internet service, Chan said that DIGITEL phone subscribers need
only call the access number to get connected with no registrations

“You don’t need to register, no
passwords, no authentication, no monthly charges,” Chan added. “You’re
directly on
the Internet already.”

DIGITEL has more than 200,000 telephone subscribers in Luzon and
parts of Metro Manila. Subscribers who use the Internet
service pay 75 centavos (US$.02) per minute.

At present, 5-10 percent of DIGITEL telephone subscribers have access to
the Internet through
several Internet Service Providers.

With more than US$3 million invested, the project took one year to
develop from conception.

For the market, the infrastructure investment has been significant.

A multi-service telecommunications service provider, DIGITEL’s
service areas span across Luzon including certain areas in the
National Capital Region.

According to DIGITEL, management is set on making DigitelOne the ISP of
choice in
one year. The company also states that it will build the biggest domestic
frame relay service in the country.

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