DoubleClick Acquires DoubleClick Iberoamerica

Online ad company DoubleClick Inc. said that it has
acquired DoubleClick Iberoamerica from Terra (formerly Telefonica Interactiva), an
affiliate of Telefonica S.A., for an undisclosed sum.

DoubleClick had held a 10 percent stake in the joint operation, an ad network
aimed at a Spanish speaking audience.

As a result of this agreement, DoubleClick Iberoamerica becomes a wholly
owned subsidiary of DoubleClick and will continue to manage its network of
Web sites, including AltaVista Magallanes. Terra will continue
to advertise on DoubleClick’s global network.

“Terra has been an excellent partner,” said Barry Salzman, president of
DoubleClick International. “Terra’s support has helped us to develop a
network of sites with an important share in the Spanish speaking market. We
will keep working with Terra as our client, in Spain and Latin America.”

DoubleClick Iberoamerica’s clients have grown to 200 advertisers and 40 Web
sites, 10 of which are among the top 20 Spanish sites, according to figures
from Estudio General de Medios. The network records an average of 28 million
impressions per month.

Terra Network S.A. is a content provider, as well as one of the leading ISPs
in the Spanish/Portuguese speaking world.

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