E-Books: Are They the Business Traveler’s Best Friend?

With viewing technology improving rapidly, one local company is trying to bring fun-reading eBooks to business travelers and avid readers alike.

Seattle.internet.com caught up with Dave Howell, CEO of Alexandria Digital Literature, to talk about the future of eBooks and how he sees his business fitting in.

According to Howell, there are a number of e-publishers zeroed in on the business market presently.

For that reason, Howell has decided to avoid that market altogether. “The thing people forget is that business people have a life, and like to read for fun as well,” he says.

In fact, the CEO has discovered a market he believes will be of great service to the avid readers among us. Alexandria Digital Literature focuses on out-of-print literature.

The CEO believes his company will be of great service to those that may not get enough from the limited new releases of the large publishing houses.

When a book goes out of print, the author gets control of their rights. E-Publishing is the perfect opportunity for them to continue to make sales, explains Howell. In addition the company buys subsidiary rights from small publishing companies without means to produce their own eBooks.

Although some cringe at the thought of reading a book off the screen of a pocket-reader or laptop, Howell challenges people to just give it a try. “People who think they would never like it, tend to be the people who have never tried it.”

As the technology continues to improve with the release of the Microsoft Reader with Cleartype technology, and further advancements in digital ink, Howell sees tremendous growth potential for the industry.

Many share his enthusiasm, as eBook sites from major e-tailers such as BarnesandNoble.com have begun to sprout, along with dedicated eBook sites such as eBookShoppe.com and BookLocker.com.

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