E-Mailbag Monday: Resonate, Freemarkets, Location-Based Voice

What looks good for the IPO market this week?

Reply: Take a look at Resonate.
The company develops technology that routes traffic much more intelligently for
e-commerce sites. It’s called Internet Services Management. That is, good
customers get the best bandwidth, and as for the browsers, well, they do not
get priority.

The company definitely has a strong customer base, with over 250. Customers
include eBay, E*TRADE, and Yahoo!.

Resonate has top backers, as well. They include Kleiner Perkins, Chase
Partners and Sun.

The company plans to issue 3 million shares at the price range of $15-$17.
The proposed ticker symbol is RSNT and the lead underwriter is Goldman

Freemarkets: Saving Money Can Make Money

What’s your take on Freemarkets?

Reply: I’ve written about Freemarkets before
and have also visited the company. In a way, the company reminds me of
Nasdaq, in which companies can bid in a frenzy to get good deals.

Freemarkets recently reported its financials. No doubt, the company has a
solid business model (after all, the company was profitable in the early
days of the Net in 1998).

Freemarkets has been showing awesome strength in its revenues. In the past
quarter, revenues were $19.4 million, which was up 363% from the same period
last year. The sequential increase was an impressive 79%. In all, the
company conducted $2.2 billion in auctions and generated $365 million in

Location, Location, Location

What are location-based voice services?

Reply: With the surge in wireless activity, there has been a huge
number of applications. One type is location-based voice and data services.
That is, applications are based on the location of the user. For example,
a user can get traffic updates or weather reports or restaurant reviews.

A leader in the field is SignalSoft. Actually,
the company plans to have its IPO this week. The lead underwriter is Salomon
Smith Barney and the price range is $15-$17. The proposed stock symbol is SGSF.

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