E.piphany E.4 Platform Adds Real-time Personalization

E.piphany Inc. completed the integration
of RightPoint’s real-time personalization into E.piphany E.4, delivering on
product commitments made at the time of the RightPoint Software Inc. acquisition in
January 2000.

The integrated E.piphany E.4 solution combines one-to-one customer analysis,
campaign management and real time personalization technologies, the company

Customer sites that have already licensed the new solution are Nissan North
America, eGroups and PeoplePC.

The new product enables “a comprehensive, fact-based understanding of the
based on all relevant enterprise-wide information, enabling the planning and
execution of campaigns in real time, whether the client is a
business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) company,” said Roger
Siboni, president and chief executive officer of E.piphany.

Pricing for the integrated E.piphany E.4 solution. starts at $250,000. The
system offers data extraction, data warehousing, reporting, data mining,
campaign management and real-time personalization in an integrated, Web-based
platform that eliminates the need to assemble and maintain multiple software
tools from various vendors.

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