efoodmanager Signs Distributors

[June 20] European food e-marketplace
announced Tuesday a tie-up with two top distribution
companies, enabling the site’s users to request quotes,
book transport, and print out all necessary documents.

The alliances are with Lebensmittelverkehre GmbH, a
subsidiary of the giant Danzas Group, and Nagel Airfreight,
which specializes in the delivery of perishable products
such as fish, meat, flowers, and plants.

Jan Stenger, co-founder and chief executive of efoodmanager,
said the alliances were an important step towards efoodmanager’s
plan to offer logistic services worldwide.

“With the announcement of our first two partners, efoodmanager
can immediately offer a wide range of logistic services on
the platform. Such services will be offered for delivery
around the world by year end,” said Stenger.

Leading efoodmanager’s logistics partnership program are
Frank Meyer, a former supply chain manager for Arthur
Andersen Business Consulting, and Heiko Helmke, formerly
of Danzas, Bruhn Transport and Hoyer.

“We anticipate creating supply chain solutions that
integrate the purchasing, handling, and delivery of
all food categories traded over our platform,” said Meyer.

Currently employing 40 people, efoodmanager hopes to
capture 10 percent of online trading activity in the
European food industry by 2003.

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