Picks Organic for Repatriation

[Toronto, CANADA] – has hired Organic, Inc.‘s Canadian office to create and execute a plan to bring the site home to Canada.

Toronto, Ontario-based will migrate the site’s production environment and all its data and content from San Francisco to Toronto this autumn.

Organic will help to determine what internal skills the company needs to manage the site, and will facilitate and develop processes for the site’s content management and technical maintenance. The site is being developed in a UNIX environment using Java and ATG’s Dynamo.

This transition will allow’s local team to manage content and technical services locally, allowing for quicker updates, timely improvements and a better experience for members.’s online store was designed by Organic’s San Francisco team, which also works with partner In partnership with its San Francisco counterpart, Organic’s Toronto office will work with to move the site’s content and its online store to Toronto, ensuring a seamless and secure migration.

Based in Toronto, is the product of a strategic and financial alliance between and Harlequin parent Torstar Corporation, one of Canada’s largest media companies. Through its relationship-oriented articles, interactive games and

discussion groups, and its coverage of romance authors and selection of romance novels,’s goal is to become the ultimate destination for romantic escape on the Internet.

Harlequin is the world’s leading publisher of romance fiction, selling over 160 million books each year, or 5.5 books per second. Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torstar Corp.

Organic, Inc., an Internet professional services firm which targets the customer-to-business market.

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