Ehyou Plus Divisions Diversify and Expand

Australian online business-to-business (B2B) firm Ehyou, owner of the Sprint media group of companies and
music service provider MP3, is set to
re-list on the Australian Stock
on Tuesday.

The company’s recent round of capital raising, which closed early and
was oversubscribed, reached AUS$16.8 million (US$10.08 million), according
to a company statement.

“We are very happy that Ehyou is coming back to the market,” said Sprint
co-founder and Ehyou chief executive officer Domenic Carosa. “Ehyou is
being very well received in the investment community and we have
significant business opportunities ahead of us and are pleased to be able
to share these with our shareholders as a listed public company,” he

MP3, a division of Ehyou, has also announced an agreement with
Microsoft, which will feature the MP3 site in its Windows Media Player
(WMP) Guide, a multimedia services directory.

Under the deal, will allow users of the Microsoft site to
listen to music in the Windows Media Player format. In return, the Media
Guide for Microsoft will list as an online supplier of
Australian music.

Microsoft will launch an Australian version of the Media Guide later
this month.

Last week MP3 struck an alliance with Internet hub Sofcom to supply the site with a
customised digital music channel. will provide Sofcom with a channel containing streaming music
tracks, an option to download, a radio show, artist profiles and music
news. The two companies will also explore e-commerce opportunities.

MP3 also provides the Yahoo!
Australia and New Zealand portal with an Australian Digital
Music Charts service.

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