Electric Mail to Deliver Goods

[Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA] The Electric Mail Company has just announced it has been chosen by Strax Mobile to provide outsourcing messaging services.

The Electric Mail Company specializes in outsourcing integrated messaging, e-mail and complementary Internet communication services and support, as well as virus scanning, message filtering and unified messaging. It will provide Strax Mobile with the integration required for wireless e-mail solutions, incorporating Electric WebMail accounts for the Blackberry Internet Edition which was developed by Research in Motion Inc.

Strax Mobile, a division of Strax Inc., is a distributor of wireless handheld devices and mobile business solutions. The company is a major distributor of RIM’s Blackberry Internet Edition and its wireless products are distributed at both the retail and channel level across the United States. Primary clientele consists of companies that use private e-mail addresses containing the corporate domain name of their choice.

The Electric Mail Company, which was established in Vancouver in 1994 to provide B2B messaging services, also unveiled this month its e-filtering service, a message management function that enables companies to filter corporate e-mail messages. This service helps to increase the efficiency of corporate e-mail communication by reinforcing virus scan capabilities, managing bandwidth and filtering out spam.

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