Electrifier Ships Multimedia Tool

Monday released its Electrifier Pro utility, designed to create
fast-downloading Web multimedia content.

Users can create bitmap and vector animation, digitized audio, synthesized
music (MIDI), video, 3-D, VR panoramas and more than 150
special effects. Its features include drag-and-drop authoring and seamless
integration with popular tools like Adobe Photoshop and PageMill.

“Electrifier Pro finally gives Web professionals the freedom to create an
outstanding Web experience using any type of content,” said Mihail Lari,
chief executive officer of Electrifier.

Electrifier Pro content works with both Netscape Navigator
and Microsoft Internet Explorer using QuickTime or animated GIFs, without
requiring a special server.

Currently, only the Mac OS version of Electrifier Pro is available. It
retails for $595 and is available as a 30-day trial download. Electrifier
Pro for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT is under development.

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