Electronic Books Hit Shelves

NuvoMedia is now shipping its Rocket eBook electronic book, a 22-oz. handheld device that holds 4,000 pages of text and graphics–
and is designed to hold many more.

It is supported by a wide range of
new and popular book titles from leading publishers.

The Rocket eBook offers 33 hours of uninterrupted reading before the battery
needs recharging. It allows books to be browsed, searched, annotated,
underlined, linked and referenced. It also has a clear, bright display that can be
read in all lighting situations.

“We have taken a favorite pastime, reading, and brought it into the future,” said Martin Eberhard, NuvoMedia’s co-founder and CEO. “With the overwhelming
support of the publishing community, which is supplying a wealth of titles for
Rocket eBook readers to enjoy, the promise that electronic books holds is
now a reality.”

Among the publishers supporting the Rocket eBook with titles are: Addison
Wesley Longman, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, HarperCollins, Random House,
Penguin Putnam Inc., O’Reilly & Associates, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s
Press, Macmillan, The Wall Street Journal, and McGraw-Hill.

Available initially in North America, the Rocket eBook costs $499 from

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