EMJ Embedded Systems Introduces White Dwarf Linux

EMJ Embedded Systems Friday rolled
out White Dwarf Linux 1.0, which is ideal for Net appliances and wireless

Named for a white dwarf star, a small but extremely dense star, White Dwarf
linux is small enough to load on embedded PCs but
dense enough to contain the features embedded applications demand.

The new product was designed to ease the cost of developing embedded
applications. Based on the most recent Linux kernel, 2.2.14, version 1.0
contains more than 40 software packages including a Web browser, an Apache
1.3.11 Web server and e-mail capability.

Features of White Dwarf 1.0 include:

  • A fully graphical package-based installer that allows developers to
    choose the exact features they need for their applications

  • TCP/ip tools including ftp, telnet, ping, hostname, ftpd, telnetd
  • Mailx to allow sending and receiving of e-mail
  • A full-featured terminal emulation package

White Dwarf 1.0 can be downloaded here.

“Linux is the wave of the future when it comes to embedded applications,” said Jim Estill, EMJ president. “Because wd linux is open source, developers have the ability to modify their applications whenever
they want. Gone are the days of paying huge licensing fees
for a proprietary operating system.”

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