EMusic.com Partners UK’s Top MP3 Specialist

Downloadable music destination
EMusic.com has
formed a strategic partnership with
Crunch Music, the
leading marketer of independent UK music in the MP3 format.

EMusic.com and Crunch Music said Monday they will work together
on joint promotions and marketing on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Independent record labels in the UK are the most significant
source of new music in Europe, and greatly influence the world-wide
alternative music community,” said Gene Hoffman, EMusic.com’s
president and CEO.

“We are excited to form this partnership with Crunch — to
leverage their Web-leadership position in the UK indie music
scene. It will allow independent music fans around the world
to have immediate access to the newest releases from the UK’s
and U.S.’s most cutting-edge artists — without having to pay
the high costs of import CDs.”

It was also announced that Gene Hoffman will now become a
member of Crunch’s board of directors.

“Working alongside EMusic.com, Crunch now has the finances,
expertise and marketing muscle to ramp up the business and
aggregate the latest, coolest tunes alongside sought-after
back catalogues,” said Jon Davies, general manager of Crunch

Crunch hosts music from a host of labels, including Dorado,
Filter, Pussyfoot, Platipus, The End, Tummy Touch, Marine
Parade, TCR and Ochre. It currently charges 99p ($1.60)
for downloads.

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