NBTel Global to Share Online Expertise with BT

British Telecom (BT) and Aliant‘s wholly owned subsidiary NBTel Global plan to share best practice and knowledge in government online services and technology across the Atlantic.

The agreement enables BT to access NBTel Global’s intellectual property for government online applications, professional consulting and business development services, with research and testing facilities enabled by NBTel Global’s LivingLAB innovations environment.

NBTel Global has been working with the province of New Brunswick for
over 10 years to develop technologies through Service New Brunswick. Bob
Neal, vice president of emerging business with Aliant, said this
business relationship is a model of the LivingLAB environment, where a
product is researched and developed in New Brunswick first then exported
to global markets.

“Our work with the province of New Brunswick has allowed us to do this
and we’re pleased to be sharing these advanced government services with
our industry colleagues in the United Kingdom,” said Neal.

“BT represents NBTel Global’s first dealing in Europe, and it brings great
opportunity with its expertise in global markets, a customer base of 58
million, and a spirit of innovation we share and admire.”

With offices throughout Canada and the US, Aliant delivers
solutions of wireless, data, Internet, information
technology, and mobile satellite communications.

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