Enersphere.com Launches Pilot Set-Top-Box Site

Internet content company Urbana.ca Inc. has started deployment of 100 set-top boxes in
a pilot area through its wholly-owned subsidiary Enersphere.com Inc.

Enersphere’s set-top-box provides a local Internet connection via
hardware that connects to a television set. The set-top-box
delivers relevant community content and services to specific geographic

While the beta test is deploying 100 units in the province of
Ontario, Enersphere has begun engaging national and local advertisers to
sponsor further set-top box deployment.

“The results
will set the stage to create the optimal model for future licensing and
distribution in the United States,” said Rick Whittaker, president of Enersphere.com Inc.

Enersphere.com uses set-top boxes to deliver Internet and
intranet-based services to consumers. It works with government and
corporations to create community-based Intranet systems to provide
residents with movies and entertainment-based content as well as
value-added services such as enhanced TV, monitored smoke detectors,
automatic meter reading, health and education services, e-mail and
Internet access.

Its parent company, Urbana.ca Inc. is an Internet,
e-commerce, transaction and content company.

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