EnReach Opens European Office in Paris

[London, ENGLAND] EnReach Technology said Thursday it
has chosen Paris as the center for its European
operations, from which it will supply software that allows
integrated voice, video, and data services to run on
interactive television.

Bo Wu, president and chief executive for EnReach, said
there is a tremendous opportunity for service providers
to capture additional revenue streams and leverage content
partnerships from interactive TV services in Europe.

“Market studies predict that by 2004, more European
consumers will use interactive digital TV than PCs with
Internet access and EnReach is well poised to help service
providers deploy Interactive services,” said Wu.

The Paris office is the fifth EnReach facility worldwide,
the others being located in San Jose, California; Beijing
and Hong Kong, China; and Toronto, Canada.

EnReach will target its sales and marketing efforts at
European cable and satellite television operators,
Internet service providers, content providers, OEMs
and information appliance vendors.

The technology offered by EnReach includes broadband
streaming, personal video recording and Internet
communication applications. Its IP based software allows
multiple applications to run on an Internet appliance
that turns television into a dramatically different

A privately held company, EnReach was founded in 1997,
initially to apply HTML and scripting technologies to
VCD/DVD player platforms. In this it has been especially
successful in China which has a large installed base
of multimedia players.

Today, with its Web-enhanced interactive TV solution,
EnReach is positioned to take full advantage of the
convergence of TV and the Web.

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