Enron Takes Its Broadband Services to Europe

[London, ENGLAND] Enron Broadband
Internet subsidiary of energy company Enron, announced Friday the
introduction of its broadband services to Europe.

Headquartered in London, Enron’s European operations will be run by
Steven Elliott with an initial staff of around 50 employees.

Enron’s broadband services were demonstrated recently when they
were used to Webcast the Wimbledon Championships. They delivered
200,000 video streams to viewers in 99 countries.

Aiming to improve the functionality of the Internet, Enron
provides high quality, end-to-end delivery of broadband content.
Among other features it has its own Broadband Operating System
that dynamically provisions bandwidth on demand.

Joe Hirko, chief executive officer of Enron Broadband Services,
commented that the European market is progressive in its approach
and was receptive to the Internet.

“While our service offerings resemble those in the U.S., we are
tailoring our solutions to the unique needs of our European
customers. By leveraging Enron’s existing presence in Europe,
we will be well positioned to provide valuable services to
customers,” said Hirko.

Enron, the parent company, is well-established in Europe,
having first begun activities there in 1989. In fact,
it employs over 2,000 people across Europe and
participates in the liberalized energy markets of
the U.K. and Nordic countries. It operates the world’s
largest combined heat and power plant on Teesside in the

One project of Enron Broadband Services is to
create a bandwidth trading market to enable intercontinental
trading of Internet bandwidth. To this end it is developing
pooling points in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris to provide
the physical interconnectivity between trading principals.

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