Entertainment Industry Gets New Net Channel

The entertainment industry in Sweden gets its own news agency on the Internet through Barracudatv.se.

A new portal has just been launched by Barracuda Film & Television, offering an extensive range of features from the world of international pop, culture and entertainment. As part owner of this newly founded company, known as Barracudatv Special Entertainment, Cell Network has been involved in helping to develop both the business strategy and the Web site.

Via the site, barracudatv.se users have access to all sorts of information, from pre-edited features to full-length interviews. The productions are produced with streaming technology.

Barracudatv Special Entertainment is also able to send concerts and other events direct to both television sets and the Internet.

“Through this new technology, we can offer our content to large and small media players the world over. We have thousands of hours of exclusive film material in our archives featuring over 100 international artists such as Madonna, Whitney Houston and the Cardigans,” says Bobo Ericzin, Managing Director of Barracuda Film & Television and the man behind the new portal.

Using own experienced correspondents, who report daily from Los Angeles, New York and London, Barracudatv Special Entertainment is able to provide a complete selection of pop, culture and entertainment for both traditional media such as TV channels and the press, as well as for wide band and narrow band portals geared to consumers and other media “on demand.”

Cell Innovation is the main investor in Barracudatv.se.

Since 1990, Barracuda Film & TV has been producing Swedish and international profiles, documentaries, presentations and reports with the world’s greatest and most sought-after personalities from the world of pop, culture and entertainment. Among other things, Barracuda currently manages a TV archive containing thousands of hours of film material, which has been shown on TV channels throughout the world.

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