Ericsson, Samsung Team For Bluetooth Devices

SINGAPORE — Ericsson Technology Licensing AB, responsible within Ericsson for the development and licensing of the Bluetooth wireless technology, has signed a contract with Korea-based Samsung Electronics to incorporate Bluetooth technology into Samsung’s semiconductor products and devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The joint licensing agreement is said to expand Ericsson’s global position in the next-generation Bluetooth wireless market, and bring to the forefront Samsung’s technical advantage in the manufacturing of core semiconductor components.

“Samsung is Ericsson’s first Asian partner in its Bluetooth wireless technology business. And through extensive marketing efforts, the worldwide demand for Ericsson’s expertise in the communications market is expected to grow,” said Maria Khorsand, president of Ericsson Technology Licensing AB in Lund, Sweden.

Added Hyung Lae Roh, executive vice-president and general manager of Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Business, “The decision to go with the Bluetooth wireless technology from Ericsson was made after a thorough evaluation of the Bluetooth intellectual property solutions was completed. It was chosen because of its quality, completeness and the maturity of the solution. Naturally, we were also impressed by the wide support of Bluetooth functionality and profiles.”

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