ESPN Gets in on Super Bowl Rants

Participation in prime-time Super Bowl festivities is usually reserved
for elite athletes, half-time performers and advertisers willing to fork
over $2.4 million for a 30-second spot.

In fact, just getting a ticket to the game can cost you thousands of
dollars for a chance to yell for your team.

But there are cheaper ways to get in on some of the festivities. ESPN launched a game of its own called Voice Of The Fan. The game is an interactive interface
that allows fans to create their own animated characters and record their “rants
and raves” about the upcoming Super Bowl, according to ESPN.

More than 7,500 characters have been created and posted on the site
in one week, said ESPN. And more than 8,500 people have e-mailed characters to friends along with recorded messages.

If ESPN’s offering isn’t enough, come game time, fans will be able to vote for the MVP online for the first time with a wireless device.

During the third and fourth quarters, Fox will instruct viewers
to text “MVP” to 88288. The fan vote will count for 20 percent, while
media voting will make up the rest.

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