E*TRADE, Amazon Seal Marketing Deal

and the Internet’s leading bookseller Amazon.com Thursday announced an agreement
to launch a joint bookstore on the Destination E*TRADE Web site.

The site offers top-selling books in personal finance and online investing to E*TRADE (EGRP) clients and members at Amazon.com’s (AMZN) reduced prices.

Book subjects span a variety of issues, from basic to complex financial
strategies, to niches such as taxation, real estate and insurance.

“E*TRADE has continually invigorated its Web site with new means of
providing access to the information and education that helps our customers
meet their financial,” said Jerry Gramagila, chief marketing officer of
E*TRADE. “The inclusion of Amazon.com’s co-branded bookstore strengthens
our core brand promise and presents another compelling reason to visit the
E*TRADE Web site.”

Both companies believe the alliance will be beneficial because of their
considerable heft in their respective fields.

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