E*Trade Launches Online Tax Center

E*TRADE Group Inc.
Friday will launch a new tax center allowing both its customers and site
visitors to electronically prepare and file federal and state income tax
returns online.

Users will be able to access Thomson’s OneTax.com, where both federal and
state tax forms can be filed together for $9.95. Electronic returns have
the advantage of being more accurate and allowing for faster refunds.

“E*TRADE’s Tax Center creates an even more compelling reason for
individuals to come to our Web site for all of their financial needs,” said
Jerry Gramaglia, senior vice president of marketing for E*TRADE.

“E*TRADE has developed a community of tech-savvy members who feel
comfortable using the Internet to meet their investing needs and are prime
candidates for online tax preparation and filing,” said Ray Kingman,
president of Thomson Investors Network.

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