eTunnels Launches VPN-On-Demand

Seattle-based eTunnels has launched it VPN-On-Demand, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provisioning platform that allows service providers to provision customer VPN implementations for remote acess, extranet and site-to-site connectivitiy through a simple web interface. The official announcement was made just the other day at the VPNCon 2000 conference in Boston.

In making this announcement, eTunnels becomes the first company to offer a POP-less, network-based VPN service platform. While traditional network-based VPN service platforms reduce deployment hassles and lower
capital costs by eliminating customer premise equipment, the VPN-On-Demand service platform goes further by also eliminating central office and POP equipment, through a unique, patent-pending service architecture.

According to eTunnels CEO & President Dimitri Sirota, in an exclusive interview with, the response the company received at the VPNCon show was overwhelming. “VPNCon is not a large show but highly focused. Everyone attending is a decision maker within a Fortune 500 company or carrier.”

Sirota believes that VPN-On-Demand stands apart by offering the best of both worlds: reliable peer-to-peer performance without the truck rolls. Service providers need high margin, differentiated IP services they can rapidly deploy to the field. eTunnels enables them to become ‘VPN ASPs’ quickly and cost-effectively.

“Because VPN-On-Demand does not require network build out or field service, it can be production-ready in just two weeks. Service providers realize returns right away, making the VPN-On-Demand provisioning platform
attractive as a source of immediate, high margin, recurring revenue for this
market,” says Sirota.

Sirota reports that the beta tests for the initial release of VPN-On-Demand were successful, and
they demonstrated the potential of the company’s technology while clearly revealing a path for the company’s next release in October.

As regard the use of the platform, the company plans on announcing an agreement with a national service provider sometime next week.

And what about competition?

“The competition in this arena is only just starting. I suspect next-generation VPN and security will become a major topic in the coming year,” says Sirota.

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