Europeans Launch Interactive Internet TV Quiz Show

[London, ENGLAND] They are claiming it as a “world’s first” —
an international, round-the-clock TV quiz show that lets
everyone participate., of Denmark, announced Wednesday it is
hosting an interactive, Internet TV quiz show on all its
sites. It has an online presence in 17 countries, with
content in 12 different languages, and already claims to
be Europe’s largest entertainment site.’s show is hosted by 34-year-old Mads Jorgensen,
a man who differs from the typical TV quizmaster in holding
degrees in philosophy and modern culture and in being able
to speak five languages. He is one of Quizpeople’s
85 employees and was chosen, the company says, from its own
ranks rather than being specially hired for the job.

Quizpeople’s new show combines TV with the Internet, using
streaming video and interactive buttons to help the viewer find
answers to a whole variety of questions on different subjects.
Prizes range from travelware to exotic vacations.

The new quiz show appears to be yet another example of the
way in which European producers are injecting new life
into old forms of entertainment. The two most successful
TV concepts to come from Europe recently — both of which have
gone on to make fortunes for people on both sides of
the Atlantic — have been “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
and “Big Brother.”

Will be the next mega-success?

It is too early to tell, although it is doubtful if participating
via the Internet can generate the same excitement as TV with
a live audience — at least, not until everyone has broadband access.

The brainchild of Dorthe Nornberg, head of interactive TV at
Quizpeople, the show is being coordinated by the company’s
Internet Strategist Christian Johannesen.

Quizpeople was founded in May 1999 by Directors Per Sunesen
and Claus Hyldgaard. From its base in Denmark it has expanded
to North America and the Far East. This year it is offering
a grand prize of a private island, from which, presumably,
the new owner will be able to continue participating in
the quizzes via a satellite connection to the Internet.

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