Excite in Chinese Search Deal

Chinese Internet portal SINANET.com and Excite, Inc. announced an alliance today to deliver a new search engine that will allow users to search Chinese Web pages in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Beginning June 3, the “SinaSearch by Excite” service will allow users to search through more than one million Chinese Web pages regardless of the underlying Chinese character sets used, the companies said.

Users will be able to conduct searches through both the SINANET or Excite Web sites.

Excite said Web users can search by traditional Chinese characters used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, and by simplified Chinese characters used in Mainland China.

“The global Chinese community is hungry for access to the enormous amount
of information available on the World Wide Web,” said George Bell, president
and CEO, Excite, Inc. “This alliance with SINANET.com, the leading Chinese Internet brand, represents an important first step in Excite’s strategy to become a leading Web search and navigation service for the Chinese community both in Mainland China and around the world.”

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