Excite Jams with Microsoft Media Player

Coinciding with the launch of its new media player, Microsoft will work with portal site Excite.com to allow customized Windows Media Player technology within Excite Communities.

Terms of the agreement call for Excite to offer its users the ability to add music and video clips to their community sites, as well as integrate a customized version of Windows Media Player. Player features include enhanced streaming audio and video, as well as the highly-touted MS Audio tool, designed to rival MP3 compressed music files.

Excite’s deal with Microsoft may excite those in the recording industry who are weary of such audio players because of their potential for creating pirated music. Microsoft said it has answered these concerns by including a rights management system with the product suite.

The streaming media enhancements to Excite Communities are scheduled to become available
within the next 90 days, Excite said.

“With Microsoft Windows Media Player, Excite users will be able to take the already popular Excite
Communities service and add their favorite audio and video clips right off
the Web,” said Joe Kraus, senior vice-president and co-founder, Excite, Inc. “Microsoft Windows Media Player 4.0 is key to communities as it broadens what users can share on the service.”

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