[email protected] Hits The Desktop

[email protected] Wednesday launched Excite
Assistant, an application which appears as a small window on the desktop
and automatically updates personalized content without relying on a Web

The Excite Assistant automically recognizes the user when the application is launched. If a user opts for personalized content, it appears automatically in the desktop

“With Excite Assistant, we’re giving the most popular features of
excite.com a permanent presence on the desktop, making it easy to stay
current on what’s important to you, while you use your browser to travel
the Web,” said Joe Kraus, [email protected]’s senior vice president for content.

“This product is another extension of the value of the Excite membership
and continues our strategy of ‘All Band, All Device, All the Time’.”

The program will also notify a user when e-mail arrives, tell them who sent it and list the subject. Excite Assistant can
be moved and minimized to fit on the user’s screen and allows users to
listen to Internet radio stations.

Users can also specify sound effects, display options, and choose which
browser is chosen to use to open Web pages and customized stock quotes,
news, TV listings and weather content from Excite.

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