Exclusive Report: King5.com Gears Up for Digital TV

Seattle.internet.com has learned that King5.com will be launching as early as September a broadcasting system that will feature the latest technology in digital broadcasting.

King5.com’s Parent company Dallas-based Belo Interactive has invested in Dallas-based Digital Convergence to develop a system that connects the TV to the PC.

Other companies involved in the project include NBC, Forbes and Tandy Computers.

As of September KING TV viewers, who will be hooked up with the system, will be automatically linked to the web to get additional information regarding stories and advertisements aired on KING TV.

According to King5.com’s Site Manager Kyoo Kim, this revolutionary system will allow TV to be what he has always seen it as: “The largest search engine available.”

“What even makes it better is people will be receiving relevant and in-depth information,” says Kim.

KING TV will be one of four broadcast companies nationwide to roll out the system this fall. It will have exclusive rights to the Seattle area market for at least the first 18 months.

Seattle.internet.com will be attending a demonstration of the Digital Convergence system later next week and will be following this story closely as it further develops.

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