Facebook Beats the Winklevoss Twins, Again

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From the ‘This is Not Hollywood, It’s Real Life‘ files:

Thanks to the movie, The Social Network, most of us are familiar with story of how the Winklevoss twins feel that Mark Zuckerberg swindled them.

Now we all know that Facebook is built on open source technologies, but it’s not the tech that the Winklevoss twins have issue with, it’s Zuckerberg.

The U.S. Court of Appeals today upheld the original judgement which awarded the Winklevoss twins shares in Facebook valued at approximately $8.88. The Winklevoss twins argued that their shares should be worth more.

The Judge disagreed.

“At some point, litigation must come to an end,” Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote.

Isn’t that a brilliant statement?

Think of how many tech lawsuits (open source or otherwise) have gone on for years without end on a never-ending bender of appeals. SCO for example has lost more court cases that I can count, yet they keep on appealing and are still kinda/sorta out there (somewhere).

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