Facebook CEO Apologizes for Privacy Missteps

It’s no secret that Facebook has been fighting an image problem of late, with users, consumer groups and government officials piling on the company for what they see as its latest affront to online privacy.

Now, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded, publishing a somewhat apologetic column in the Washington Post conceding that Facebook’s privacy settings have become overly complex and promising that the company will soon release more simplified controls for users concerned about their privacy on the social networking site.

eSecurity Planet takes a look at Zuckerberg’s latest comments on Facebook’s privacy dilemma.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his first public comments addressing the controversy surrounding a recent set of changes to the site that appeared to erode users’ privacy, promising a new set of tools that will make it simpler for members of the popular social networking site to understand and manage how their information is used.

In a column published Monday in the Washington Post, Zuckerberg offered few specifics about the changes Facebook would enact, but conceded critics’ charge that the site’s privacy setting had become overly complicated and difficult to navigate.

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Facebook CEO Admits Mistakes, Promises Improved Privacy

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