Facebook Sues Alleged Spammers

Internet trends come and go, but one pesky annoyance never seems to go away — spam.

Facebook is taking to the courts to try and curb what it said were deceptive practices on the social networking site. And, as eSecurity Planet reports, Facebook said its move is the latest crackdown in its ongoing effort to address illegal phishing and spam campaigns as the company discovers them either by its own investigation or with the help of its vast community of users, which now numbers over 500 million.

Facebook this week said it filed a trio of lawsuits against two people and one company that it alleges used the social networking site as a playground for deceptive spam campaigns that attempted to con users into passing on more spam to their network of friends.

The lawsuits claim two men, Steven Richter and Jason Swan, both of Long Island, N.Y., and Max Bounty Inc., based in Canada, attempted to trick people into signing up for mobile subscriptions and sending spam to their friends.

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Facebook Takes Spammers to Court

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