Cybersecurity Field Needs to ‘Professionalize’

Cybersecurity is or should be a top concern of most large companies and organizations given the growing threat, sophistication and diversity of cyber attacks. And a key part of preparedness and defense against such attacks is having the right security talent.

But as CIO Update reports, there’s a serious shortfall in qualified cybersecurity talent, particularly in the government sector, which has to compete with the higher salaries often offered in the private sector. Still, one expert is encouraged by the rotation of cybersecurity experts between the public and private sectors.

WASHINGTON — Official pronouncements from economists that the recession is officially over may have done little to lift the national mood while unemployment remains perilously high.

But in one field, cybersecurity, the supply-demand imbalance of the broader labor market is upside down, with government agencies and private-sector firms aggressively recruiting and hiring experts in the field faster than universities can churn them out.

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Cybersecurity Talent Shortfall Threatens Everyone

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