MontaVista Unwraps Carrier Grade Linux 6.0

The release of MontaVista’s Carrier Grade Edition Linux 6.0 brings with it Bare Metal Engine virtualization, based on open source technology.

Why is that important? As Enterprise Networking Planet reports, the new technology could help improve the performance of networking gear from multiple vendors that are MontaVista customers. Among those customers are big name players like Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent.

Vendors who support carrier-grade traffic have more stringent needs than those supporting general computing users. That’s why there are Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) standards in place along with carrier-focused versions of Linux that adhere to those standards.

This week MontaVista updated its Carrier Grade Edition of Linux to version 6.0, including new virtualization, 4G wireless and serviceability features.

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MontaVista Aims for Bare Metal with Carrier Grade Edition Linux 6.0

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