Faroudja, MadOnion.com Develop Video Benchmark

Toronto’s MadOnion.com (formerly Futuremark
Corp.) Monday released Video2000. Developed in
co-operation with California-based Faroudja, Inc., Video2000 is designed to measure the video quality, features and performance of desktop
video streams.

Video2000 enables users to evaluate the quality, feature set and performance
of the video-playback capabilities of their personal computer and provides
information needed to upgrade, make informed purchasing decisions, and
optimize the performance of their PCs for multimedia applications.

“Faroudja, a world leader in high performance video processing technologies,
was the ideal partner, enabling MadOnion.com to deliver the industry’s first
measurement tool for desktop video streaming,” said Nathan Harley, vice
president of marketing, MadOnion.com.

“The combination of MadOnion.com’s
proven benchmark technology with Faroudja’s extensive video processing
expertise has made the creation of this landmark benchmark possible.”

Video2000 features include: image quality tests, graphics, bus and memory
performance tests, and CPU-performance tests. With all these tests built in,
Video2000 provides an overview of a system’s capabilities whether the desired
end-use is DVD-playback, video-conferencing or video editing.

Key Features of Video2000 include:

  • Task-focused results for areas such as DVD, encoding & decoding MPEG2, HDTV, Netmeeting and Home Theater
  • Advanced image quality tests for analyzing the quality of video-playback in all situations
  • Thorough video subsystem performance analysis
  • A capability-check to evaluate the limitations and extra features the graphics subsystem offers
  • A real-world MPEG-2 encoding-test to assess the CPU-power
    available to perform software-based video-compression, effects or
    other tasks
  • Video Decoder Quality Tests to enable the user to gain knowledge
    about the accuracy and quality of the DVD-playback solution that
    is available on the system
  • Runs under the new DirectX7 and DirectShow

Video2000 was developed in co-operation with over 25 IT industry
manufacturers via MadOnion.com’s beta program, in order to ensure the testing
methodology and compatibility.

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