Father of Java Speaks in Seattle

In an effort to bring the local developer community together, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today held the first day of their Seattle edition of the fourth annual Sun TechDays event.

Today’s event featured presentations by industry leaders, senior Sun executives, technology evangelists and other sponsors.

The father of JAVA, James Gosling, delivered the keynote address. The session, attended by approximately 800 Developers, was conducted in a question and answer format that allowed the audience the opportunity to probe Gosling’s mind as to the future of JAVA.

Asked about the future of computing, Gosling addressed the developers stating: “You guys are the one’s building the future. What do you want it to be – Blade Runner or Star Trek?”

The TechDays tour started its North American Leg this week in Raleigh Durham.
Tomorrow’s sessions will consist of various code camps, which are interactive workshops where developers gain insights on a Sun emerging technology.

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