FCC Net Neutrality Plan in GOP Crosshairs

House and Senate Republicans have been stepping up their rhetoric opposing a controversial net neutrality plan at the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is planning to bring to a vote at next week’s meeting.

GOP members have signed their names to letters opposing the plan, threatened rigorous oversight when they retake the House next year, and one senator has filed an amendment to block the FCC from using appropriated funding to act on any net neutrality rules it passes.

And this is billed as a compromise. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has backed off from an earlier plan that would have entailed more rigorous oversight of ISPs’ network management practices, and has even secured vague statements of support from the major phone and cable companies. So why all the unrest? Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look.

Republican lawmakers are ratcheting up their opposition to the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to vote on net neutrality rules at its meeting next week, warning against what they see as an unwarranted regulatory overreach.

Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who will chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the next session of Congress, called on FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to release the text of the order, and to delay the vote to allow the public to comment.

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GOP Opposition to FCC Net Neutrality Plan Mounts

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