Federal CIO Kundra on Leave After FBI Raid

Vivek Kundra, who President Obama officially named as federal Chief Information Officer just eight days ago, is now on a leave of absence following an FBI investigation into his former workplace, according to reports.

Kundra, who formerly served as the CTO for Washington, D.C., is facing scrutiny after the FBI raided his previous office, in a corruption probe that charged two people with bribery and other crimes.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the mayor of Washington, D.C. said that Kundra was not a target of the investigation, and today’s reports say that he has not been arrested. Instead, they say that Kundra is on leave until the White House learns more about the investigation.

The two facing charges are Yusuf Acar, who works in the city’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer and a contractor, Sushil Bansal, who is the CEO of Advanced Integrated Technologies Corp., a technology firm that has won contracts from the office.

A document that is freely available on the District’s government Web site shows that Acar served as the office’s Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR).

According to the document, the position is responsible for overseeing contractor agreements, ensuring that their work conforms to the requirements of their contact, and advising whether the contractor is in compliance with their contract.

Calls to the White House for comment had not been returned at press time.

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