Fighting Evil with Evil

The work of an Indian teenager, Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, endorses ‘ethical hacking’ and explains all the mechanisms of the infamous craft to common users.

“To protect against hackers, one needs to know how they work…I think everybody who uses computers in today’s age should learn about it,” said 16-year-old Ankit Fadia. “Hacking is an unexplored market — I tried to find one book which had all the tricks about hacking but none existed,” he added.

His answer to the evident lack was to assemble his vast knowledge of the craft into a comprehensive volume that has received the praise of critics.

“The book throws light on unexplored horizons of the wired world, giving even the common user the information required to understand and counter attack hacking attempts,” raved one technical consultant who reviewed the work.

Even at his tender age, Fadia is a well-seasoned hacker who has been running his own site on the topic,, for the past two years and published numerous manuals on the topic.

Recently the FBI praised hackingtruths as the “second best hacking site in the world.” In addition, it boasts 16,000 registered users and more than 100,000 hits a day.

Fadia, moreover, is an unapologetic propent of hacking, calling it a “vaccination for fighting evil with evil.”

“Hackers are the good guys who, by using their knowledge in a constructive manner, help organisations to guard their data and company secrets, and sometimes help justice by ferreting out electronic evidence of wrongdoing,” he stated.

His book, which has already sold 5,000 copies on the Net was recently snatched up by Macmillan publishers who noted that Fadia is their youngest author to-date.

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