First 3G Call Made in North America

Ericsson Canada and two other organizations claim they’ve made the first phone call in North America using third generation (3G) WCDMA technology.

It might not have been “come here, Watson. I need you,” but some claim that it was almost as historic.

The call was between Anthony Schultz, vice president of network planning and operations for Microcell Connexions and Monique Lefebvre, vice president for the Atlantic region of Ericsson Canada.

Ericsson has made calls using 3G technology in other countries such as Japan and Sweden in the last several months, but issues remained to be resolved between the WCDMA standard and North American operators.

The company says the test in North America means it is optimistic that it will be able to harmonize 3G networks in North America with those in other parts of the world.

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