France’s Web Advertising Gains $27 Million

According to an IAB-PricehouseCoopers study, France’s online advertising
during the first half of this year is more than twice the
total amount for 1998.

Internet advertising brought FF 170 million ($27 million) in the six month
period, divided by FF 65 million in the first quarter and FF 105 in the second.

According to the research, there are 39 industry sectors who advertise
through the Internet. Internet players tended to invest larger amount of
money during the second quarter of the year (16 percent of the total
number), followed by computer companies (14 percent), telecommunications
firms (11 percent) and the publishing advertisers (7 percent).

“This boom is linked with the launching of free Internet access and the
development of new online
services such as auction sites,” says Cicile Moulard, president of IAB
France. She also adds that “the
evolution of new start-ups born with the Internet has played an important
role because such companies
invest a lot of money, and the competition is fierce whether it is on a
world or a national scale.”

Moreover, Moulard expects the boom to continue beyond the first quarter of
the year.

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