Free to Be Aptimus has learned that Seattle-based has changed its name to Aptimus, Inc and has already entered into agreements with such companies as NBCi, About and iVillage to become members of the Aptimus Network.

These moves come as part of the company’s implementation of a corporate identity aimed to better reflect its expanding business. The website, will still continue to exist as a platform for marketers. However, it will operate under the umbrella of the Aptimus Network.

So what does Aptimus mean?

It is the abbreviation and combination of two Latin words Aptus and Optimus – leading to mean “the most
qualified and advantageous fit.”

According to the company’s Chairman and CEO Tim Choate, it means that his company can give each client access to its optimal audience for response.

The Aptimus Network presents consumers with relevant offers geared to their specific interests, enabling marketers to reach targeted audiences when they are most likely to respond. For example, a consumer who enters “backpacking” into a search engine might see an accompanying offer from an Aptimus client for free outdoor products cataglo when their search results arrive. The network operates on a cost-per-action basis, such that marketers pay only when action is taken on their offers.

Aptimus has already signed agreements with more than 25 major partner sites to participate in The Aptimus Network.

According to the CEO of NBC Internet Will Lansing, Aptimus will help NBCi execute against its
core business strategy of connecting its high quality user base to commerce opportunities from leading brands, helping to add an incremental revenue stream to its business.

Aptimus will continue to be publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol FSHP until the week of October 23, 2000. The symbol will then change to APTM.

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