French Domain Opens to the Spotlight

The new French domain level has met with high demand as the new
address hits the Internet.

More than 500 domain names ending with the are operational, and
more than 3,000 sites applied for domain level since October 4, according
to the Association Français pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (AFNIC).

“As soon as it turned one past midnight on October 4th, Internet
Service Providers submitted hundreds of domain names with
their bots,” explains Marine Chantreau, press attachi at the AFNIC.

The domain level attracted applications primarily from companies and
professionals, even though the address was created in order to
allow the deposit of domain names in the .fr area without
requiring applicants to produce corporate documents.

According to the AFNIC, over 50 percent of the newly registered domain
names are phrases or common words such as or,
30 percent are generic names such as or, and
10 percent are geographical names.

Registration for the domain name ending requires proof of an applicant’s
settlement in France and proof of residence.

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