FT Launches Personal Finance Site

The Financial Times
launched its personal finance site
on Thursday.

The company says it has organised the new content around “life events” rather
than product offerings.

The new site is intended to make the managing of family
finances easier, with plenty of personalised, practical
guidance. It offers in-depth product and provider tables,
interactive calculators, breaking news, comment, and
action plans tailored to each user.

“Nearly all personal finance information providers focus on
the products rather than looking at where you are in your
life and what is most suited to you,” said Nic Cicutti, head
of content, FTYourMoney.

“According to the National Consumer Council, nearly 13 million
adults feel strongly that it’s difficult to find truly independent
financial advice. FTYourMoney.com understands the events and
issues in people’s lives such as moving in with a partner,
having a baby or planning for retirement, and aims to help guide
people through their financial decisions.”

Nic Cicutti was formerly The Independent’s personal finance editor
and to help him at the FT he now has a commercial team
with e-commerce expertise.

The big claim being made for FTYourMoney.com is that it is
“genuinely independent.” It says it will help users spot and
sidestep unfair practices while leading them to where the
genuine bargains are to be had.

“With FTYourMoney we think we can shake things up a bit and
inject some new energy and new ideas into the personal
finance market while putting forward a process that is very
much FT in its core values of objectivity and trust,” said
Zach Leonard, executive director Business and Operations.

In the coming months, FTYourMoney.com promises to add
many more features to become the top personal finance Web site
in the UK.

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