Seeds of Success

Gardening is a peaceful pastime. And profitable. Yet, the gardening market is highly fragmented, with limited product
selection and customer service.

But one upstart company plans to provide a solution, On the site, you have access to more than 9,000 herbs, seeds, trees, perennials and shrubs. There are a myriad of products, like tools, books, furniture and even fertilizers. You can even design your own garden layout, using sophisticated online tools (called the Garden Planner). Once finished designing your garden, you can make the necessary purchases to realize your vision.

It should be no surprise that in August 1999, Media Metrix ranked as the most popular site in its category.

To carry out e-commerce, pursues a “virtual warehouse” system,
which ties together over 60 gardening suppliers. For example, when a user
purchases an item, the information is transmitted to a supplier, who
fulfills the order. Thus, is not burdened with much product

To create barriers to entry, has entered key strategic
alliances. For Example, Home & Garden TV is an investor in the company and
provides advertising on the cable channel, as well as content and
membership base arrangements. Next, has an alliance with AOL,
serving as an anchor merchant. In fact, is the anchor tenant on
the Microsoft Network. Finally, has an agreement with PRIMEDA
to provide cross-promotions with Horticulture Magazine.

Recently, signed deals with iVillage (to be the exclusive
partner for gardening), [email protected] (co-branded site), and Southern Living
(a magazine that reaches 13 million consumers).

True, the revenues for are small. In the latest quarter, they
were $1.4 million, compared to $358,000 in the same period a year ago. But
there were some strong signs of growth, such as in the customer base which
increased 254 percent to 110,000 and registered users went from 337,000 to
755,000. As for page views, these soared 96 percent to 23.9 million.

The market for gardening is huge. According to the National Gardening
Associations, Americans spent about $46.8 billion on garden and lawn
products, as well as landscaping services. The same survey shows that
about 67 million households participate in some type of gardening. is rapidly becoming the destination point for this industry, which is fast going online. With its strategic alliances, rich content and e-commerce infrastructure, could grow like, well, a weed.

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