Gartner Revises IT Spending Forecast for 2010

IT managers may see a bit more of their wish lists cut in 2010 due to European debt and other issues affecting the world economy.

As CIO Update reports, Gartner has revised its global IT spending forecast downward for a variety of reasons. There is some good news in the figures however, particularly in hardware where spending is expected to stay strong. Overall, the research firm said the global economic outlook appears stable but still susceptible to “shocks” in key regions and industries.

The outlook for IT spending on a global basis in 2010 isn’t looking quite as rosy as research firm Gartner had thought earlier this year.

In a revised forecast issued Thursday, Gartner said it expects global IT spending to reach $3.350 trillion, an increase of 3.9 percent compared to 2009’s $3.225 trillion. But just last quarter, Gartner had said it expected growth to hit 5.3 percent for the year, or $3.394 trillion.

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Gartner Trims IT Spending Forecast

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