Gateway Debuts Sleek All-In-One PC

Don’t call it the “iGateway,” even though it shares some familiar design elements with the current edition of Apple’s iconic iMac.

Gateway today plans to introduce its new consumer PC at the Digital Life show in New York. Called Gateway One, the PC is an all-in-one system with built-in display. Similarly to the iMac, it largely resembles an oversized flat-panel monitor. But Gateway goes one step further by eliminating many external cables.

The unit’s thin, 3.6-inch-deep metallic case doesn’t allow room for an internal power supply, so a power supply has to be connected externally, just like a laptop docking station or videogame console’s power “brick.” As it turns out, this design choice supports the sleek aesthetic by helping to keep external cords out of site; Ethernet, USB, S/PDIF audio and coaxial audio output ports are all located on the power brick.

Gateway One

Gateway’s new iMac lookalike

Source: Gateway

The Gateway One also cuts more cords by offering a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and Media Center remote control. (However, the system does include a FireWire and USB ports on its side for easier access to devices like Flash drives and digital video recorders.)

In spite of Gateway One’s slim design, the company packs a fair amount into the unit. The system offers a Core 2 Duo processor; a 19-inch widescreen LCD; integrated or discrete graphics depending on model; 2GB of memory, expandable to 4GB; one hard drive with room for another; a DVD-RW drive; seven USB ports plus FireWire and Ethernet; and an optional TV tuner.

Even with that hardware cramped into a confined space, John Schindler, senior director of consumer products at Gateway, told it all operates within a safe thermal envelope. And while Gateway One’s tiny footprint would be ideal for kiosks, point of sales and space-constrained desks, Gateway is going for the home user.

“Our objectives for this [product] were two-fold,” Schindler said. “One is to remove the clutter from the desktop. Consumers are getting aware that desktops have a lot of wires, and they want a clutter-free environment.”

The second goal was to make it look good. “Consumers do appreciate style, that’s a significant trend in the U.S. market where style is very important,” he said. will offer three Gateway One units. The $1,299.99 unit features a Core 2 Duo T5250 dual-core processor, 2GB of memory, integrated Intel video, a 320GB hard drive and a Webcam. The $1,499.99 unit adds a 400GB drive and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card. The $1,799.99 model includes the faster Core 2 Duo T7250 processor, 3GB of memory, ATI 2600 XT graphics, a 500GB hard drive and an analog/digital TV tuner. Gateway is working on a wall mount for the product line as well.

All three units ship with Windows Vista Ultimate. There are no plans to offer Windows XP, which a sizable portion of the new PC buying public continues requesting these days.

All three units will be in Gateway retail outlets and available for sale direct from Gateway by the end of October, the company said.

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