Geldof to Launch Travel Sites Across Europe

Band Aid founder turned Internet entrepreneur
Bob Geldof went to Italy on Friday to finalise details for
the Italian version of

It will be the first of a group of Europe-wide flight booking sites,
similar to the successful UK service.

“ is in the middle of a real revolution,” said
James Page, director of

“We already have increased the number of bookings 4-fold since
June. This week and next signals the start of a whole range
of new and exciting partnerships which will take the business
to a new level. We’re bracing ourselves for what looks like
being a very busy end to 99 — and we’re loving every minute
of it!”

This week, also announced a partnership with, the UK’s
largest travel search engine.

Next week, according to James Page, a deal will be finalised
with, the
largest classified advertising e-service in the UK.

Not surprisingly, is gearing up for a substantial
increase in the number of accesses it receives — and for a
significant rise in its flight bookings.

In a hugely competitive Internet travel market,
has carved a useful niche, aided by the publicity genius of
Bob Geldof, who runs a close second to Virgin’s Richard
Branson in this respect.

Says a statement: “While Bob’s having a leisurely
stroll round the Vatican, it’s all go back at base in London.”

That’s true — but the TV cameras will be on Bob. And that’s
worth a lot more hits on the site.

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