Genelco’s WebHarbor Enables E-Commerce For Insurers

Genelco, a subsidiary of General
American Life Insurance Company, announced it will launch WebHarbor, a
suite of products to enable insurance and financial services companies to
conduct electronic commerce on the Internet.

The launch will take place at the Life Office Management Association
Systems Forum, on March 8, in Atlanta.

“With these products, companies can tap into the power and reach of the
Internet. They can be more flexible and more responsive, and therefore more
WebHarbor’s ability to interface with any administration system builds
better relationships between the company, its producers and its customers.
And business can be conducted online and offline, twenty-four hours a day,
seven days a week,” said Jym Barnes, executive VP of Internet Services at

Genelco’s product line consists of an infrastructure, together with a range of
products that can be used with it. Two security platforms form the
infrastructure: the Secure Electronic Commerce Platform (SECP) and
AuthenticateWeb. SECP ensures that users are communicating with an
authorized site; AuthenticateWeb enables one-time log-on for users.

Among the products that can be used with SECP and AuthenticateWeb is
AgentWeb, which enables producers to access policyholder, product, and
commission information online, at any time. Others are AccountWeb, which
gives customers 24-hour access to their accounts; AppWeb, which distributes
forms over the Internet; and Customer CareWeb for improving customer service.

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